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Do you...

* want resonance, clearness, power, range, flexibility, and emotion in your voice?

* have any vocal health issues like hoarseness, allergies, enlarged tonsils, vocal cord paralysis, spasmodic dysphonia, birth defects, or laryngitis?

* struggle with the effects of an accident, sports injury, stroke, surgery or other crisis?

* have a bad back from sitting or working all day?

* ever hear that you might be a "hopeless case"?

* wish you could speak or sing like you did before an injury?

* wonder if you could add singing to your guitar, dancing or acting?

* enjoy pop, folk, blues, R&B, jazz, gospel, oldies, or rock?

* hope for a fun, caring holistic voice coach with 18 years of experience?

Learn songs you love, or improve your speaking and acting!

Have fun finding vocal solutions that work for you! Learn how improving your health can improve your voice. Create a vocal tone that inspires and connects. Expand your breath and your range. Feel the difference in your body. Learn to speak and sing healthy.

Lessons offered by Skype, Facetime, Google Hangout, or Phone.

What Karen Offers as a Holistic Voice Coach

  1. The focus is on fun, simple and inspiring ways that work to help you improve your voice.

  2. Your body is your instrument - taking care of your body helps you have a healthier voice.

  3. Learning body awareness is key, so that you physically notice what works and doesn't work - to get it in your body memory.

  4. Your voice is part of your identity and your soul that you show to the world every day of your life.

  5. There are no "bad" voices, there are only voices that need effective training, practice and health care.

  6. Get tips from an award-winning vocalist who's sung over 20 styles of music, with 10 music groups, in over 20 years! Click Here to hear her sing.

  7. Learn from a woman who did not always have a golden voice, and had to figure out how to make her voice work, too.

  8. You can trust a voice expert recognized by,,,, and

"People will tell you all kinds of things, but nobody else tells you how to talk, how to make your voice get better. This is exactly what I was looking for. My voice doesn't get so tired anymore! I can roll my Rs now, and I've been trying since I took my first Spanish class in 1982! My singing is much better! I think Karen can teach anyone to sing! "

Joelle Maria Cowen Key - Nashville, TN

"I've spent years battling with a voice that always seemed to betray me when I needed it the most. I avoided social gatherings, telephone calls and all forms of public speaking simply because I feared that my voice would not cooperate. After fruitlessly spending hundreds of dollars on Ear, Nose and Throat doctors and speech therapists, I decided to try a vocal coach. I found Karen and what a godsend she has been. Using a variety of tools and techniques, Karen has shown me how powerful my voice can be when it is used properly. Because of Karen, I 've found that speaking before one or many is now a challenge I am willing to face.

William B. Patton (diagnosed with Spasmodic Dysphonia) - Seattle, WA

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